4 Shamanic Techniques That Each of Us Can Use

More and more people are turning to shamanic practices not only to solve their immediate problems, but also to find the meaning of life and heal the soul. Let’s figure out what shamanic methods each of us can use in everyday life.

Ancient Spiritual Ritual

Some consider shamanism to be the oldest religion, others one of the branches of the esoteric movement. Many psychologists say that the techniques used by shamans make it possible to discover a person’s potential in a shorter time and realize it in the material world.

The basis of the shamanic worldview is the belief in the existence of subtle world’s invisible to the human eye, inhabited by various incorporeal beings – Spirits. Shamans distinguish three main worlds: lower, middle and upper, and, as a rule, know how to work with each of them.

The main method of shamanic work is trance techniques, which allow you to connect or make contact with beings of the subtle world. Such communication, in fact, helps to solve both the earthly problems with which people turn to him and requests of a higher order, for example, about finding a purpose.

Essentially, a shaman is an intermediary between the material and subtle invisible worlds. Both physiologically, mentally, and emotionally, the shamanic practitioner must be ready to perceive the quality and properties of those Spirits with whom he comes into contact. And these are years of practice!

At the same time, in shamanic culture there are many techniques that can actually be used even by people far from this direction.

Exploring these shamanic techniques can be fascinating, much like the excitement of trying new things on Bet20, where every experience brings a new perspective.

Purification by Fumigation

Shamans do not question the presence of subtle bodies surrounding the physical. It is believed that the health and quality of life of each of us largely depends on their condition. Daily fumigation is one way to keep them clean and harmonious.

For this ritual, artysh or arsa (a special type of Siberian juniper) is usually used. Dried branches tied into a bundle will do. To carry out the cleansing, you need to set the arsa on fire, extinguish the flame and fumigate your body from head to toe with smoke. This fumigation is good to do in the evening every day. In the morning, this simple ritual will help you set yourself up for a productive day and energize you.


Daily appeal to higher powers is a familiar practice of many religious denominations. In morning prayer, as a rule, we ask for a successful day, blessings on our affairs and protection. In the evening – we give thanks for everything that happened to us.

Today, there are many scientific studies that prove that prayers have not only esoteric or religious overtones. They directly affect physical and mental health. At a minimum, connecting with the divine helps to get rid of irrational fears and avoid emotional downturns.

Shamans do not have a collection of prayers, as, for example, in monotheistic or pagan beliefs. The shamanic practitioner writes his prayer himself and in it he mentions all his Spirits. Each such appeal also has something in common – shamans pray “for the good of all living beings on earth.”

Shaman Walk

The success of a shaman’s work lies, among other things, in the ability to concentrate on the request with which he addresses the Spirits, without being distracted by extraneous thoughts and external stimuli. He is an empty vessel that passes information through himself.

You can also get a hint from the Spirits using the shamanic walking technique. What is needed for this? First of all, a clearly formulated request to which the answer “yes” or “no” is not provided, for example. “why can’t I get married” or “how can I expand my material well-being.” Keep this request in mind and go for a walk, preferably along city streets. Concentrate on what you see, hear, snippets of what phrases reach you, what music comes from cars passing by. At home, you will analyze the clues from the outside world received in this way to your request and, perhaps, find the answer.

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