6 Common Graphic Design Mistakes to Avoid for Your Website

Did you know that 1 in 2 visitors leave a website if it takes more than 6 seconds to load? Visitors might think your website is broken or poorly made if there are any mistakes.

Not only will users leave, but they might also hate your company after seeing your website. Mistakes are expensive and can ruin your reputation.

Are you interested in avoiding common graphic design mistakes and creating a great website? Keep reading to know more!

  1. Misusing Typefaces

Typeface or font choice is important when conveying a certain mood or desired aesthetic – being too uniform or inconsistent can throw off the entire website.

Avoiding serifs and script fonts may be helpful for readability, but selecting a different font can also add visual appeal.Combining different typefaces and fonts within the same website can be extremely messy and confuse the reader.

  1. Neglecting Color Theory

Color theory is the science of how colors interact in appearance and relates to how color affects people emotionally. Colors can evoke certain feelings depending on the combination of colors used, so understanding the basics of color theory is key to creating an aesthetically pleasing website.

When selecting colors for your website, remember hue, value, saturation, and contrast – use colors that work together and provide a balanced look. It is especially important to consider the audience you are trying to attract; the colors used can play a significant role in how appealing a website is to a customer.

  1. Skipping White Space

White space can make content more visually appealing, allowing the user to focus on pertinent information. Careless layouts that cram all the content together can appear cluttered and unprofessional, distracting the user and causing them to lose interest quickly.

White space should be intentionally included in the design of a webpage to create a sense of breathing space between the different visuals and text.

  1. Ignoring Resolution

Inaccurate resolution can cause your website to appear stretched, blurry, or pixelated, negatively impacting the user experience and impeding visitors from taking desired actions.

To diminish this issue, one must ensure that images used on the website are sized appropriately for that particular device.

  1. Overlapping Elements

This mistake is often made when a designer does not consider the relative position of multiple objects when layering or stacking text, images, or other elements on the page. As a result, some elements may be cut off or covered up, obscuring or confusing the message or further distracting the eye to another area of the website.

To prevent this, test the layout and design process multiple times, looking for discrepancies or overlaps.

  1. Overusing Images

Using too many images or images of too big of a file size can slow down your website, making it difficult for visitors to quickly and easily find the information they are looking for. Additionally, overwhelming a website with too many images can make it difficult to process the visual elements of the website and can create a sense of cluttered chaos.

To better the visual appeal of your website, choose images that are cohesive in theme and style while also being of the optimal size to ensure quick loading times. You can also hire freelance graphic designers to help you with your images.

Common Graphic Design Mistakes To Avoid

By avoiding these common graphic design mistakes, you can ensure your website looks professional and user-friendly.

Invest in a great graphic design, and don’t let your website design be an element that hinders your success. Make it happen, and use the tips to create a great website today!

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