8 Garage Door Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Did you know garage doors can help prevent moisture and mold growth?

Buying the appropriate garage door replacement is critical to protect your home. If you need help picking the proper garage door material, keep reading.

In this guide, you’ll learn about different types of garage doors. It’s helpful to measure your current garage door size so you know what to buy.

Check out more tips below.

1. What Are Your Options?

A mistake homeowners often make is to do more research. Understand your variable options for garage door replacements. There are different kinds of doors to pick from.

You can find a door that’s suited to your climate. Some homeowners will prefer to get a garage door that improves energy efficiency.

2. Don’t Forget to Measure Your Garage Door

Don’t skip out on taking proper measurements of your garage door. You could end up buying an oversized or undersized door.

Avoid this issue by getting the correct measurements. The door should be more comprehensive and one foot taller than the opening.

3. What Kind of Materials Do You Prefer?

Order a door that has been made from quality material. Getting a cheaper garage door made from flimsy material could fall apart quickly.

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You need a heavy-duty door if you live in a region with severe weather. Find a garage door made from weatherproof materials, as well.

4. What Is Your Budget?

You can avoid overspending on your garage door by planning. Think about your budget and how much you can set aside for the replacement door.

You could also try shopping during sales or times when the doors go down in price. Don’t go into debt getting an expensive door.

Try to look at your budget and see how much you can spend. Consider waiting and saving for the door you’d like to buy if you can.

Factor in the installation cost unless you’re planning on doing it. You will want a final cost estimate and an understanding of the warranty coverage.

5. Get Professional Help

Since there are various garage door styles and types on the market, ask for help. It’s a challenge to know what door to pick. Professional garage door installers can help you find the right door.

Swap houses for a weekend. You could also ask a friend with experience installing garage doors to help your friend with a project one day and head to your home the next.

6. What Is Your Current Door Like?

Homeowners can pick from a variety of doors. One factor to consider is the material your current door is made from.

Choosing an aesthetically designed door over considering the suitable material may cause problems.

When you look at the different materials, think about their durability. Is the material suited for your region’s climate? Will it withstand high winds and stormy weather?

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New garage doors tend to get created from wood, fiberglass, steel, or aluminum. Aluminum doors tend to get treated with a rust-resistant coating. This is an excellent option if you live in a rainy climate.

7. Steel doors are helpful because you can insulate your garage door.

You could consider a wooden garage door if you have a contemporary home. They offer a customized and modern design. However, if you’re in a region that experiences frequent forest fires, reconsider.

Some homeowners will try a composite wood garage door. These are low maintenance and remain resistant to moisture. Fiberglass is the best option if you want something durable.

8. What About Insulation?

Don’t forget insulation options if you want a new garage door. Finding a door that insulates your home will be the best option.

Insulation is critical for your home. Otherwise, your home wont is energy efficient. If you have an attached garage, get an insulated door. This will help lower your utility bill.

You could always take it to a professional if you are unsure about the insulation properties.

9. Get the Right Measurements

A new garage door needs to fit your home. If you aren’t sure how to measure it, call in a professional. They can take the correct measurements so you get the door you need.

Don’t try to complete this project if you’re unsure. You’ll end up wasting time and buying the wrong door.

10. Match Your Home

When shopping for your new garage door, you want to consider the style of your home. When you sell your home, getting the right door to match the current decor will help.

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Future home buyers may get turned off immediately when they see a mismatched garage door. Buyers will judge your home on its curb appeal.

11. Keep Up With Repairs

After buying your replacement door, the other thing to remember is to ensure you keep up with maintenance.

You should have a professional inspect it once or twice a year. This ensures that any wear and tear will get noted. You might be able to prevent a sooner replacement.

Make sure the interior lining of the door and garage floor are in good shape. You might need to complete garage floor maintenance.

Avoid These Garage Door Shopping Mistakes

Avoid these garage door shopping mistakes so you can pick the right door. Make sure you get the correct measurements for your replacement door. If you aren’t sure, ask a contractor to help you.

Find a door that will suit your region’s climate. If you’re uncertain, you should speak to a hardware specialist.

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