CMC Markets Review 2022: Top 3 CMC Markets Customer Reviews

Established in 1989, CMC Markets is one of the top firms for trading in forex and CFDs. The FCA oversees the broker’s operations (UK Financial Conduct Authority). In addition to indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, the organization offers various trading assets. A high level of traders’ trust is based on a solid background in the financial services industry, UK regulation, and segregated accounts for clients. A risk management program is also in place at the broker. Many nations, including Australia, enjoy widespread popularity with CMC Markets.

What are CMC Markets?

A financial services company with its UK headquarters, CMC Markets, provides online trading in equities, spread betting, contracts for difference (CFDs), and foreign currency on many international markets. Sydney and Singapore serve as centers for CMC, their London-based corporate offices.

Top 3 CMC Markets Customer Reviews

Here we’ll mention the top three CMCmarkets review by customers.

1.  Mike, (analyst, Amsterdam)

About six months ago, I began working with the broker. The speed with which trade orders are carried out and the diversity of trading instruments appeal to me. But it isn’t enjoyable because you must create a different account for each content. The consensus is neutral mainly at this point.

2.  Gilbert, (trader, Toulouse)

I’ve been with the business for about a year. Spreads are minimal, orders are executed without slippage, and the platform is solid. I fail to see any cause for complaint. Requests for withdrawals are handled fast, and there are numerous trading tools. Since I solely conduct manual trading, I am not bothered by the lack of investment software. There are generally no particular issues: I’ll keep working with you.

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3.  Hobart, (professional trader, Sydney)

CMC Markets has had me as a customer for more than a year. Everything is in order regarding the platform’s stability and the variety of trading products. Unfortunately, there are occasionally delays with money withdrawals. I don’t know; maybe it’s just a personal issue. According to support, it is in my bank. Despite my attempts to withdraw from several bank cards, the situation remains the same everywhere.

What is Spread Betting?

Spread betting is a type of financial derivative that lets traders speculate without purchasing underlying assets, such as shares, indexes, or foreign exchange. Instead, they place bets on price direction (up or down).

Spread betting, as opposed to stock trading or forex trading, enables traders to profit even when the price of asset declines. For instance, if a trader believes that the price of a particular item will decrease, he will sell that asset, which is equivalent to betting on the asset’s decline in value.

Similar to selling, buying entails betting on the asset’s appreciation. And you succeed in that transaction if the asset’s performance matches your prediction. But if it doesn’t, the trade is lost. By dividing the bet size by the asset’s unit of movement, you may determine your gains or losses.

The amount of money you wager for each unit of movement is known as the bet size. The trend is expressed in points or pip units. All spread bets have a time frame between a day and a few months, but you can close them sooner or later.

Best Spread Betting broker In The UK

IG Spread Betting Broker

A broker with UK registration, IG Markets was established in 1974. The FCA in the UK is in charge of overseeing this broker. Spread betting, and CFD trading are two of the financial derivatives that the IG broker specializes in offering services for. Additionally, it enables users to trade cryptocurrencies, equities, and commodities.

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The average EURUSD spread is one pip, and its spreads begin at 0.6. Besides the space, the broker does not charge commissions for spread betting; however, if you want to make a spread bet last longer, you will need to pay additional expenses. Additionally, it has minimum bet sizes for each type of asset, which typically range from £1 to £5.

IG is the best Spread Betting broker in Uk. For spread betting and CFDs, IG Markets uses a custom trading platform. Additionally, it gives its novice customers a sample account where they may practice trading and test out techniques.


CMC Markets is one of the most seasoned online brokers for financial instruments. You should anticipate exceptional service from one of the world’s top CFD brokers. Additionally, opening a demo account before funding a live performance will allow you to evaluate the viability of its platforms and services. CMC Markets continued its habit of being close to the top of the market in all critical areas by finishing Best in Class across ten categories for 2022.

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