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Different forms of domestic violence 

Domestic violence happens within a family when you are harmed by your spouse or other members of the family. Not necessarily domestic violence is always physical violence, but also mental, verbal, and other kinds of violence. The abuser will try to outpower you and keep you under their control. Long stay in a domestic household can make you traumatized and also can have fatal circumstances. In this blog, learn more about the forms of domestic violence and identify them.

Physical abuse

Apart from hitting, physical abuse might also include throwing things at you, like food or other objects. If the abuser is destroying the property of the house or your belongings,  be sure that you are abused and you should take steps against it.

Sexual abuse

No one in the family, including your spouse, has the right to pass sexist comments and make you uncomfortable. Also, any unwanted physical contact is considered sexual abuse. Sexual abuse can give you trauma for life. 

Verbal abuse 

If you are being called names, humiliated in form of public or in private, body shamed, make sexual comments, and so on you have the full authority to seek legal help and take yourself away from the relationship. 

Financial abuse

If you are not allowed any financial access, theft, barred from working, not allowed to go to the interview and job call, or not given access to the pension, you are being exploited financially. Financial independence is the basic right of every individual, if you are being compromised with financial aid, seek help immediately.

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Spiritual abuse

You as a person have the right to practice whichever religious values you prefer and be a part of any religious or cultural grip you want to. If you are not allowed to practice what to believe or you are forced to practice a religion that you are not willing, then you are being abused spiritually. 

Social abuse

Possessiveness, jealousy, or over-protectiveness are some of the negative relationship traits. If you are not allowed to hang out with your friends or talk to others, you are being abused socially as your basic rights are being questioned. 


Be very vigilant about your situation in a household. Do not be a part of an abusive relationship for too long. Reach out to a family lawyer for all kinds of help you need, they will ensure your safety as they guide you. 

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