There are lots of different games. Each of us can find something special for ourselves. Games help us to forget about our routine life. You can wear the hero’s suit or command with armies or just relax while taking a ride in the city of your dreams. You can also test your luck by gambling at the best online casino or just taking a walk with your new friends from different parts of the real world. Amazing feelings. We are going to share some recent news about some games. 

Blood Bowl 3

      A new gameplay trailer has been presented about Blood Bowl 3. The main lecturer was an orc guy who trained small goblins and explained all the matters of the game. Goblins didn’t manage to hit each other and kept playing according to the game rules. 

      In the gloomy Warhammer world, this game would not work the way it should as blood and kills are a normal part of the Warhammer world. Though rules are created the way there was not that much violence. According to the trailer the coach managed to interrupt most of the goblins by himself. 

      The game is about bloody football. The players can choose one of 12 different races from the Warhammer world. You can choose even the renegades of chaos and black orcs. You can also choose any field where the match should start. Moreover, the players will be able to choose coaches, cheerleaders, teams, and armor elements and will be able to remake them. 

     Blood Bowl 3 will be available on PC, and Nintendo Switch. 

 The Crew 2

       Ubisoft has launched another free week in The Crew 2. It starts today, July 7th, and will last until July 13th. All this time, the racing simulator will be subject to large discounts.

      The action itself is timed to coincide with a major update released yesterday. In it, Ubisoft added new weather effects, additional color grading across all platforms, and improved controls. In addition, the game received a new story campaign, created with the participation of three-time champion and Formula Drift World Champion Chris Forsberg.

    The Crew 2 was released at the end of June 2018 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

New Survival in the Terminator World

       Nacon has officially announced the creation of the Terminator universe game which will be survival. The announcement was shown to fans as a short video from the T-800. The development has just started. The game will be about the Terminator universe according to movies. We are looking forward to new videos and more detailed explanations about it. 

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