How To Clean Bricks on a Fireplace

Fireplaces bring an amazing amount of character to a home, but they can develop a fair amount of dust and grime after a while. If you don’t clean your fireplace regularly, it will begin to look rather dingy.

However, cleaning a fireplace is a job that is not as simple as cleaning a surface that is accessible to you.

So how to clean bricks on a fireplace? Here is our guide to keeping your fireplace in tip-top condition and preserving its allure for years to come.

Start With Clearing the Fireplace

Before beginning the process of cleaning bricks on a fireplace, it is necessary to clear the fireplace. The process is pretty much the same with gas vs wood fireplace cleaning methods, but with some slight differences.

Clearing should include the removal of all soot and creosote that has built up over time on the walls of the fireplace and the inner components. Any debris and bacteria should be swept away with a brush.

Clear the chimney of any buildup, including loose bits of mortar or brick that may be present. Vacuum the entire area, using a hose if necessary, to ensure that all dust and particles are completely cleared away.

If the firebox has been neglected or is made of combustible material, it must be properly ventilated before continuing.

Saturate the Bricks With Water

The next step to cleaning your fireplace bricks is to saturate them with water. To do this, fill a bucket with warm water, and then pour the water over the bricks until they are fully saturated.

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Make sure to go over each brick a few times to ensure even coverage. Once the bricks are saturated, let them sit for a few minutes so the water can begin to break down the dirt and grime.

Apply Cleaning Solution and Scrub

The next step is to apply a cleaning solution. This could be a mixture of vinegar and water, which should be applied with a sponge or mop.

Once the solution has been applied, use a scrub brush to scrub the surface of the brick and remove any dirt and grime. With more stubborn areas of built-up dirt, use a stiff-bristled brush, which will help remove all the dirt.

Rinse With Water and Apply Sealant

When the surface is clean, it is time to rinse the bricks with water. Make sure to use cold or lukewarm water and a sponge or soft cloth to gently scrub away any remaining dirt. Once you’ve rinsed off the bricks, use a soft cloth to dry them and leave them to air dry.

Finally, you should apply a sealant to the bricks to protect them from future damage. This process should help you achieve a cleaner, fresher-looking fireplace and extend the life of your bricks.

If you don’t apply a sealant to a fireplace brick, dust, soot, and dirt will eventually accumulate and become embedded into the porous surface. This can cause your fireplace to become less attractive over time.

Learn How To Clean Bricks on a Fireplace the Right Way

To clean a brick fireplace the right way, be sure to use the right ingredients, whilst avoiding any harsh chemical cleaners. With the proper cleaning supplies and a little extra patience, you’ll have a spotless fireplace in no time!

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Don’t forget these steps on how to clean bricks on a fireplace the right way. Give it a try today and experience a sparkling clean brick fireplace!

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