How To Draw A Hockey Player: Step-By-Step Instructions

How To Draw A Hockey Player: Step-By-Step Instructions

Hockey – a game for real men. But if you still can not stand on your legs and a stick, you can draw a handsome hockey player. Who knows, maybe that’s your baby after many years will play for our country one of the world championships. Let’s consult how to draw a hockey player doing the convenient pencil sketch technology. We are portraying an athlete in a helmet with a stick.


Of course, to explain how to draw a hockey player on the move, you need to be very patient. First, you need to show yourself as a man rolling on skates. If you know how to do it, you can easily do these simple exercises. Suppose the supporting leg is left, and then the need to describe its slightly bent, and the body of the housing needs to move forward, to the left. The right leg has no bones. Bottom of the head, body, and legs – Let’s start with the picture of the three main parts. Draw an oval – this is the basis of our future helmet. Next, picture a rough inverted triangle, the base of which starts at the center of the oval. The end of the triangle is rounded. This will be the foundation of the body, or more precisely, the chest of a hockey player. It remains to identify the locations of the feet. This is done by line drawing athlete shorts. Do not forget that the jogging leg we leave is visually smaller, and therefore shorts draw, extending their right side.


This step is the most complex pattern. To know how to draw a hockey player on the stage, it is necessary to comply with all dimensions. Start drawn part of the helmet. To do this, mark the grid by drawing a flat grill. Now move on to the image of hands. Remember that the hands remain. Imagine how a hockey player keeps this sporty attribute. His left-hand holds a stick at the bottom, it is straight, and his right arm is bent and holds a stick at the top. So, to correctly draw a hand, start with their top. Direct right arm to the side, and the left forearm presses closer to the body. Now draw a hockey glove. The left hand held the stick at the bottom, so it turned out. It is necessary to draw the brush grip. That is, fingers should be visible. The fist of the right-hand draws at an angle relative to the arms. Grip hands pointing just inside, visible from the outside of the brush, and completing this step prorisovyvaniem hockey stick.


Now it suits almost obvious how to draw a hockey pencil. Next, start drawing up. The left leg was bent and pointed us back a bit. Therefore, draw it a little lower. The right leg is straightened, and It is more visual to lengthen its contours. It remains to draw horses. To do this, draw an unusual oval at the bottom of each leg. Positioned so that the feet socks while looking in different directions. Now paint on the blade and laces. He fully understands how to draw a hockey player. There is very little.

ERASE PARTS                                                            

Now we have to remove unnecessary details, erasing their erasers. Next, you can outline a hockey player with tremendous pressure, confidently prorisovyvaya all the little details. If you do everything correctly explained to the child, he now knows how to draw a pencil hockey. Finally, you can take crayons or paints. The work begins to look even more impressive. Use red and white colors to describe the Russian defender of the gate. This pattern can hang in a prominent place, so it reminds your child about his dream.

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