How To Get a Job in Medical Billing and Coding

When you think about jobs in healthcare, what comes to mind? You probably just pictured a doctor or a nurse in your head since these are two of the most common careers in healthcare.

But it’s worth noting that there are also lots of other jobs available in the healthcare industry, including entry-level jobs that won’t force you to get any kind of a medical degree. For example, you might be able to land an entry-level job on the medical billing and coding side of things.

This is a very fast-growing aspect of the healthcare field with more than 200,000 Americans currently working in medical billing and coding. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to land a job in this role sometime soon.

Start by Learning About What Medical Billing and Coding Is

Before you start thinking about trying to land a job in medical billing and coding, you need to know what exactly it is. Otherwise, you might spend a whole bunch of time trying to become a medical biller only to discover that it isn’t the right career for you.

Those who work in medical billing and coding will take the diagnoses that doctors and nurses give to patients and turn them into codes that are sent off to people’s health insurance companies. These codes will help determine what insurance companies will cover, and they’ll also play a key part in how much a hospital, doctor’s office, etc. is reimbursed.

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As you can imagine, medical billing and coding is very important in the grand scheme of things because it’s what allows hospitals, doctors’ offices, etc. to get paid. Without medical billers, there would be a lot of confusion surrounding all of this.

Go Through the Proper Medical Billing and Coding Training

Does working in medical billing and coding sound good to you? If it does, you will need to have a high school degree or the equivalent to get involved in the industry.

You will also need to go through the proper medical billing and coding training at a school that has been accredited by an organization like the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education.

It will typically take you at least a few months to work your way through the necessary training that you will need to work in medical billing and coding. But as we alluded to before, this will be a much better option than spending years and years (and years!) in nursing or medical school to work in healthcare.

Work to Get Certified in Medical Billing and Coding

After you’re done getting the right training to work in medical billing and coding, you can technically start searching for a job in the field. But prior to doing this, you might want to look into getting certified to make yourself stand out in what is a pretty crowded industry.

You may want to aim to become a Certified Professional Coder (CPC), a Certified Coding Associate (CCA), or even a Certified Coding Specialist (CCS). These certifications are going to show that you’re serious about being the best medical coder you can be.

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Search for Medical Billing and Coding Jobs

Once you’re officially certified to work as a medical biller, you can start to search for medical billing and coding jobs that appeal to you. You should be able to find open positions at many of the healthcare facilities in your industry.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the salaries attached to medical billing and coding jobs can vary quite a bit. So you should try not to just fall in love with the first job you can find since it might not pay as much as you would like.

You should also remember that there is a fairly big demand for medical billing and coding professionals at the moment. This should put you in a position of power when it comes to trying to find a job at a place that you would like to work at.

Don’t be afraid to use this power to apply for jobs at places that will provide you with a good salary, great benefits, and more.

Work Your Way Up the Ranks in Medical Billing and Coding

When you first land a job in the medical billing and coding field, you’re probably going to be asked to start at the very bottom. But over time, you can work your way up into a management position if you would like.

You can also continue to get certified in different areas of medical billing and coding. This will make you an even more attractive candidate to all those companies that are in need of medical billers.

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Before long, you might be making more money than you could have ever imagined. You might also be learning more about medical billing and coding than you ever thought possible.

A Job in Medical Billing and Coding Might Be Ideal for You

At first glance, a job in the medical billing and coding industry might sound too confusing. But you’ll get the hang of working as a medical biller after you spend some time doing it.

At that point, you’ll wonder why you didn’t decide to work in medical billing and coding so much sooner. You’ll be impressed with everything that it has to offer, and you’ll love all the great opportunities that are put right in front of you.

Would you like to get more advice on working in careers in healthcare? Look for them in some of our other blog articles.

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