Do you recognize what SEO issues could also be lurking in your website?


No matter how sensible your SEO content is,Digital marketing services in India provide  any range of technical problems that will dramatically lower your website’s search ranking, incur penalties, or worse—make it invisible to Google at all.


Ultimately, you wish your web site to rank higher, make a come back traffic, and web additional conversions. Technical SEO is all regarding fixing errors to create that happen. Here area unit some technical SEO parts to ascertain for max website optimisation.


  1. Establish crawl errors with a crawl report :

One of the primary things to try to do is run a crawl report for your website. A crawl report, or website audit, can give insight into a number of your site’s errors.

You can automatise website audits employing a kind of tools and go through the list of errors or warnings created by the crawl. This can be a task you must go through on a monthly basis to stay your website clean of errors and as optimized as attainable.


2- Perform a Manual Google Search:

A few Google searches will tell you about however well your web site is ranking. This may assist you work out wherever to begin your technical SEO audit.

How many of your pages seem in relevant search results?

Does your website seem 1st once you explore it by name?


3-Check the positioning load time:

Your site’s load time is another vital technical SEO metric to ascertain

Site speed is all regarding user expertise and might have an effect on alternative key metrics that search engines use for ranking, like bounce rate and time on a page.

To find your site’s load time you’ll be able to use Google’s page speed insights tool. merely enter your website uniform resource locator and let Google do the remainder.


4-Ensure your website is mobile-friendly:

Your website should be mobile-friendly to boost technical SEO and computer program rankings. This can be a reasonably straightforward SEO component to ascertain exploitation of Google’s Mobile-friendly test: simply enter your website and obtain valuable insights on the mobile state of your web site.


5- Audit for keyword cannibalization:

Keyword willnibalization can cause confusion among search engines. For instance, if you’ve got 2 pages in a keyword competition, Google can decide which page is best.


6-Check your SEO score:

Websites like SEO website scrutiny offer you what’s referred to as the SEO score of your web site. This score is basically an erase of one hundred that shows wherever you’re doing well and wherever you’re insulation behind.

This score will assist you work out what you must be doing next in your.


7- Use Analytics to check website Metrics:

You need to ascertain if your analytics service is news correct live knowledge. If it’s doing it right, then the code has been put in properly.

This has to be checked throughout the technical SEO audit. The huntsman code for Google Analytics has to be placed on top of the header of every online page. technical SEO audit.


8- Check for duplicate data:

This technical SEO gaffe is extremely common for eCommerce sites and enormous sites with tons of to thousands of pages. In fact, nearly fifty four of internet sites have duplicate data, additionally referred to as meta descriptions, and about sixty three have missing meta descriptions altogether.


9-Check your site’s robots.txt file:

If you notice that each one of your pages aren’t indexed, the primary place to appear is your robots.txt file.

There area unit typically occasions once website house owners can accidentally block pages from computer program creeping. This makes auditing your robots.txt file a requirement.

When examining your robots.txt file, you must rummage around for disallow

Recent changes to meta description length enhanced the a hundred and sixty character count to 320 characters. This offers you lots of areas to feature keywords, product specs, location (for native SEO), and alternative key parts.


10-Meta description length:

While you’re checking all of your meta descriptions for duplicate content errors, you’ll be able to additionally optimize them by making certain they’re the proper length. This can be not a serious ranking issue, however, it’s a technical SEO plan of action that may improve your CTR in SERPs.

There area unit a variety of technical SEO parts you’ll be able to check throughout your next SEO audit.

A regular technical SEO audit of your website is crucial for the success of your SEO strategy, often testing all of the technical parameters for errors will assist you in spot and rectify them simply and the top digital marketing agency in India also assist you for technical SEO audit.

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