Look into These Neighborhoods When You Live on Long Island

Long Island is an amazing area with endless entertainment, fantastic city amenities, and beautiful views, but not every neighborhood offers each of these perks! Whether you’re considering moving to the east coast for the first time or you’re ready to pick a better neighborhood 

Why Live on Long Island?

If you’re looking at places to live and aren’t sure where to land: let Long Island be your next home! Not only is this a beautiful place with endless ocean views and shorelines, but this is also a cultural hub! Countless live performances are hosted here year-round and bring a lot of life and excitement to the area. There are also numerous fantastic schools and lots of things to see and do that will keep your entire family happy and busy!


If you’re a young professional that wants to get serious in your career and eventually start a family, this is a great place to start putting down roots. Massapequa has everything from fun fishing spots to great walking trails and awesome social groups that will help you network into a better career and lifestyle.  

This is also a great neighborhood for setting up kids for success since most of the schools here are high-ranking nationally. 


If you’re younger and want to feel like you’ve vanished into the middle of nowhere and finally get some peace and quiet while living near NYC: it’s time to consider Islip. This beautiful neighborhood is near beaches and has one of the best nightlife scenes for people who want to avoid massive crowds but still want to have fun. Although there’s a lot to do here, it’s still incredibly easy to take it slow and live your best life while you’re here. This is the best place to start fresh.


Although the name may make Plainview sound boring, this area has enough to keep anyone happy to live here. Plainview has beautiful parks, incredible amenities, and some of the best schools in the state.  

If you’re considering starting a family, the walkable neighborhoods and awesome community vibes make this space feel like home for anyone looking at Long Island houses for sale

Things to Know Before Your Move

Although Long Island isn’t the same city as NYC, it’s still heavily affected by the prices and lifestyle of that metropolis. Moving to Long Island is an expensive change that can be costly if you’re not sure what you’re getting into.

Before you move, it’s vital that you stop, save at least three months of your future expenses, and then get a job lined up before your move. This will save you a lot of pain and struggle that could happen down the road. It’s also a good idea to get housing, even temporary housing, lined up before you move out here. 

Long Island is Paradise!

Whether you’re new to the East Coast or you’re native to the area: Long Island has a lot to offer! Consider one of these amazing neighborhoods next time you’re getting ready to move!

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