Points to consider while choosing a profitable product for Amazon Business

Selling on Amazon is a business of success and it can turn into the failure of one making his investment on selling a product that cannot be sold or even sold with low sales on a daily and monthly basis. Below are the points which one should consider while going to sell on Amazon to get the most profitable Amazon products.


Amazon should not be selling the product- Most of the products having high demand with the low and medium competition are being sold by Amazon under its own private label. Amazon, being the boss, runs a number of PPC campaigns free of cost and ranks itself on the first pages organically, making its presence vital. This makes most of the buyers buy products being sold by Amazon itself, making the chance of sale of the small or other sellers’ products minimum. Amazon can create a price war situation and outprice other sellers.

For this main reason, just leave the product which is being sold by Amazon itself.

High Searched Volume Keywords– There are research tools that get us with the right and accurate number of searches that the real buyers are making to search with to buy that product from Amazon. Usually, if a product has high search volume, it means that the product has high demand and real-time buyers are searching that product largely.

Get the Product Keyword from Amazon Search Bar– People get to the Amazon website with a product in their mind to purchase it from there. They get to the search bar and try the word which is in their mind which is actually needed. You can visit the Amazon website and get the word that most of the buyers enter into the search bar of the Amazon website. Just enter a single letter and wait for the searched keywords and Amazon will give you the whole list of keywords that are being searched in a specific category along with the short-tailed keywords and long-tailed keywords.

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Get the best Product Ideas from Google Keyword Planner– Google Keyword Planner is a free tool by Google that allows you to know what is being searched by the buyers using the retailing e-commerce website out there. This free tool can help you half work done which you would be needed to get the profit winning product to sell on Amazon.

For example comparisons of the Mettler Toledo ICS445k-3XS/f to the Arlyn SAW-PX show how improving technology can upgrade counting scales. Although both scales are Ultra Precision, Arlyn is just a fraction of the cost of the Mettler Toledo ICS445k-3XS/f. Managers pay less for more value when handling heavy-duty chemicals.

Avoid selling products that are being sold by Brand– Big brands are selling their products on Amazon making huge profits. If a brand is selling the product you want to sell, it’s better to leave it and move on to another product.

Get Small Sized Products having low weight – As a new seller, it’s better to have a product that is low in weight and the size of any of the three dimensions is not equal to or more than 18 inches. In such cases, the sellers are charged low in case of shipping storing, and packing while processing the orders by Amazon FBA. A weighted product having large dimensions is charged more for all of the mentioned services by Amazon.

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