Primerica Review, Legitimate or scam?

Primerica provides financial services to its consumers, including life insurance, investment products, and annuities. The company is known to target middle-income economy groups and provide them with life insurance coverages for up to $400,000. If you too belong to a middle-income group and worry about your family, in case anything goes wrong, you can also opt for amazing life insurance from Primerica to live a stress-free life. However, before you make up your mind to invest in such a life-changing amenity, it becomes very important to know the legitimacy of the company as well as the services provided by them. Below mentioned is a genuine review of the services provided by Primerica; along with its benefits as well as disadvantages to help you make the final decision.

Pros of getting Primerica:

  • Instant Coverage: Most Life insurance companies usually have a complex application process and may take up to months for your policy to come live. However, Primerica offers instant coverage up to $300,000 within a few minutes of an application under their TermNow policies.
  • No Medical Exam Requires: Many of the companies out there may not even offer you great life insurance if you have any health complications or offer you lower coverages, with high premiums. However, Primerica offers life insurance to most of its consumers, just after filling out a self-attested health questionnaire.
  • An increasing Benefit Rider: Primerica also offers an increasing cover of up to 10% each year for up to 10 years, capped at $400,000, without any additional requirements. You can also read another Primerica review here to know more about this amazing company.

Cons of Primerica:

  • Representatives may press upon selling policies: Primerica offers its representatives incentives for each policy and product that they may sell-off. Therefore, there is always a tendency for their representatives to press you over a policy or product even if you are not the right fit for it. Therefore, it becomes very important for you to do your very own research before you get in touch with any of their representatives to get yourself the best policy possible.
  • Only Offers Term Life Insurance: Most insurance companies offer you a plethora of life insurance options, however, Primerica only focuses on Term Life insurance. Therefore, if you specifically want term life insurance, Primerica might be the right pick for you. You can also read another Primerica review here to know more about their insurance.

Is it all a Scam?

Now coming down to the most important question, which might be on the mind of a whole lot of people out there. Primerica is not at all a scam. Moreover, it is a publicly-traded company, whose stocks have been listed in the stock market and have been doing great over the past few decades. Therefore, you have no reasons to step back from getting yourself a policy from Primerica if you love the policies offered by them. Primerica is a Legitimate trustable company, which you have no reason to doubt about.




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