Servant Leadership vs Transformational Leadership: The Differences

In today’s fast-paced global market, managing and leading your employees is no easy task. You must always drive and motivate your team forward to success. After all, failure to do so could result in lost customers, profits, and teams.

Throughout this difficult process, proven strategies and leadership styles can help you. Two such styles are servant leadership vs transformational leadership styles. Understanding and using these can help you become an effective leader and manager.

Still, confused about the differences? Well, we’re here to help. Read on to learn all about these two styles and the advantages of each.


Servant leadership focuses on the growth and development of group members, prioritizing them ahead of the leader. The leader acts as a facilitator in this type of leadership. Motivating group members to develop themselves and become better, productive members.

But, in transformational leadership, the primary focus is on the leader, who is seen as a visionary. The one who creates the motivation and inspiration necessary to make a change and take on important objectives.

The leader needs to be seen as a role model and someone who leads by example. This requires strong communication and interpersonal skills. As well as a unique ability to motivate and push others to achieve their best.


They both differ in the setting in which they are applied. Servant leadership guide an individual leader’s passionate commitment to humility and service to their team members. With the emphasis being on empowering individuals to develop their leadership capacity.

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In contrast, transformational leadership guides a leader’s ability to motivate. Then create an environment of trust and high morale. These leaders support innovation and collaboration.

Providing feedback and incentives driven by strong communication. And also a hands-on approach to problem-solving.

Leadership Style To Use in the Workplace

The choice depends upon the individual vision when asking what leadership style to use in the workplace. Servant leadership is most beneficial for a workplace that values the power of collaboration. Seeing the leader as the main facilitator and advocate for their team.

While transformational leadership is appropriate for a culture in which the leader sets the tone and goals. Inspiring and motivating their people to achieve collective and individual successes.

Ultimately, the type of approach used will depend upon the goals and values of each workplace. For more reference on how you can build your brand, you can read here.

Choose Between Servant Leadership vs Transformational Leadership

These two types of leadership models have distinct differences but are both important to guide teams in the right direction.

To understand the difference between servant leadership vs transformational leadership and decide what the best fit is for you and your teams, further research and exploration are required.

Schedule a consultation with a leading expert to start your journey with servant and transformational leadership.

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