Signs that you should replace old office chairs with ergonomic chairs

Creaking sounds, wears and tears, and physical turmoil of employees imply an ergonomic seating arrangement at the workplace

Alpha acted on time. It was during a routine invigilation when he heard a creaking chair in one of the cubicles. When he looked closely, he saw worrying signs such as a tearing seat cover; compressed cushion pad; and a hunched and distraught Bravo occupying it against his liking. Gladly, Alpha was too astute a captain to watch his subordinate struggle on a rickety chair. Foreseeing gloom, he asked Charlie to replace all the old office chairs with new ergonomic chairs.

Sooner or later, there comes a time when you need to replace your old office chairs with ergonomically designed desk chairs. If you’re an employer, manager, or even a solo worker, you need to keep looking for the signs that ergonomic chairs are required. That’s because it’s not any random chair that we’re talking about. Your task chairs house the torchbearers of your company’s growth ambitions. And they -your colleagues to be precise- mustn’t be withering in physical and mental agonies.

What you need to provide them are ergonomic chairs that look good, suit their body size and shape, and facilitate a good posture. Still if you feel that office chairs are just like any other chairs, then the more you persist with this notion, the more perils you’re inviting for your company. Unlike ergonomic chairs, regular or old-fashioned task chairs in offices lose their sheen rather quickly.

Apart from unlikeable appearance such as torn seat covers and compressed cushion pads, the other negative impact of this is a feeble, ailing, and demotivated workforce. These are ugly signs that old-office chairs that are slowly eroding into redundant pieces of furniture. As a responsible manage or an employer, you should be sensitive to these ominous signs. The only source of mitigation is replacing these obsolete office chairs with ergonomically designed desk chairs.

Here are the indications that you need to replace your office chairs with ergonomic chairs

These signs are visible on the physical condition of the office chairs; and looks on the faces of workers. They are as follows:

Worn-out look on the chairs

Akin to cracking wall-paint, a tearing seat is a major sign that your old office chairs need to be replaced with ergonomic desk chairs. Well, this should ignite your investigative streak. You may want to scan the exterior and gauge the condition of the cushion padding. Torn chairs are highly used chairs, and indiscriminate use renders them depreciated, defaced, and disfigured. It’s ugliness for sure.

Compressed cushion padding

This happens when we use ‘one-size-fits-all’ chairs in our offices. If the chairs aren’t ergonomic, then their weight bearing capacity is tested to the core. If gone neglected, they compress, and the foam peeps through the torn seat covers. It’s a visual disgrace, as it causes embarrassment to those who sit in these chairs, and even leaves a sour impression on visitors and clients. Well, you can’t replace the cushions, so it’s better to replace the chairs with chairs that score high on ergonomics.

Creaks and squeaks

Sometimes a chair itself tells you that it needs to be replaced with an ergonomic chair. It does that through creaks and squeaks, pleading to be left alone. When nagged beyond a point, it begins to loosen the fittings and screws. Acoustic signs that an office chair needs to be replaced with an ergonomically engineered desk chair should never be left unheeded. They convey the message of an ill-fitted structure that might crumble anytime. For even a chair knows that it’s use-by date is long gone.

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Aching bodies of employees

From the empathetic point of view, a sign that ergonomic chairs are the need of the hour is when your workers frequently complain of aching bodies. Like square pegs in round holes, they’ll try to fit in misfitting. There will be stooping postures, stiff necks, paining backs, and tense legs, arms, and wrists. Brace yourself for absenteeism and medical leaves if you don’t replace your ill-equipped office chairs with ergonomic chairs that have five wheels, armrests, and lumbar support.

Fading morale, low productivity

Unless you get ergonomic office chairs that accommodate everyone fittingly, your co-workers will dread every moment spent sitting in an obsolete and worn-out chair. Their lives will become gloomy narratives scripted by an aching body and an irksome mind. The ambitions will go for a toss, and so will their will and ability to deliver. Overall, the organisation will reel under the pangs of low productivity. And as a leader of a demoralised pack, your woes will intensify.


Life’s too uncertain for letting ominous situations go loose. Similarly, the signs that your obsolete and decrepit office chairs need to be replaced with ergonomic chairs should be sensitively felt. And the risks that un-ergonomic chairs bring along should be dealt with as fast you can. Sanity says that keep your eyes, ears, and the gut switched-on all times. Or in other words, get ergonomic office chairs before it gets too late.

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