The Complete Guide to Hot Tub Winter Maintenance for New Owners

Are you a proud new owner of a hot tub? We’ve all been there. Nothing is better than relaxing in your hot tub after a hard day’s work.

That being said, one of the least talked about challenges of owning a hot tub is winterizing it. Most people assume that a hot tub is fine to leave unused during the winter months, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Listed below is everything you need to know about hot tub winter maintenance. That way, you can keep your tub in prime working condition all year round.

Preparing Your Hot Tub for the Winter Months

Every new hot tub owner needs to know how to properly maintain their tub during the winter months. Winter poses unique challenges to hot tubs, and the hot tub maintenance routine must be taken seriously. Preparing your hot tub for winter is essential to ensure its longevity and safety throughout the colder months.

Proper winter maintenance will protect your hot tub from the elements and keep it functioning optimally throughout the winter.

Skim the Water and Test the Chemicals

It is essential to keep the hot tub water clean and safe for everyone to use during the winter season. This starts by skimming the water and removing any debris. A net is useful for this task. Once every surface is free from particles, test the chemical levels of the water by using a water test kit.

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It is essential to adjust the chemical levels based on the pH-level testing so that the water is neither too acidic nor too alkaline. From time to time, the water should also be drained and replaced to keep it clean and safe for everyone.

Checking Filtration System and Pumps

One of the most important parts of hot tub winter prep is to make sure the filtration system and pumps are in good working order so that, when you come back to your tub in the months ahead, it’s in perfect shape for another season of soaking.

When checking the filtration system and pumps, it’s important to look for cracked or broken filters, clogged hoses or pipes, and any other signs of deterioration. If any of these issues are noticed, the tub should be drained and the components replaced. Shop for hot tub filters in case you need to replace one.

Cleaning hot tubs are important; once dried, treat it with a jet system protectant. Following these steps will ensure you get many more years of use and enjoyment out of your hot tub.

Hot Tub Winter Maintenance

Overall, hot tub winter maintenance doesn’t have to be intimidating! By following the above-mentioned steps for winterizing your hot tub and purchasing an appropriate winterizing kit, you can ensure a safe and relaxing winter hot tubing season.

Invest in the right supplies and always contact a professional if you have questions or run into difficulties. Enjoy soaking and relax responsibly!

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