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The Origin and Discount on Diamond Tennis Bracelets

The diamond tennis bracelet originated when the famous tennis player Chris Evert lost his diamond bracelet during a match. Chris Evert was a professional tennis player from 1972 to 1989. During a tennis match, the link of his diamond bracelet broke, causing him to fall. When the clasp broke, she asked sports officials to stop her tennis match until her jewelry was found. From that day on, diamond bracelets began to be called “tennis bracelets”.

Currently, there are many different styles to choose from when shopping for Diamond tennis bracelet. If you like antique or vintage bracelets, you should find many bracelets with an antique look and feel. Perhaps the details of the bracelet are ornate or the antique stone has a unique look. However, if your taste is something more modern or trendy, a classic tennis bracelet may be worth a look. Once you find a style you like, comparison shopping should be easy. Additionally, diamond tennis bracelets can be mixed with gemstones to add visual interest and color.

The largest selection of diamond bracelets can be found by searching the internet. With just a few simple steps, you can make diamond tennis bracelets, antique diamond bracelets, gemstone bracelets, glamorous red carpet bracelets, men’s bracelets, simple gold or platinum bracelets and other accessories such as diamond necklaces, diamond pendants, diamond studs can be displayed.

When looking for a very classic piece of jewelry, a tennis bracelet is a great option. With so many styles now available, anyone can enjoy wearing a tennis bracelet. Whether you’re active as a tennis player, going to the opera, dressing up for work or going on a date, a wrist bracelet is the one accessory that instantly adds glamor and intrigue to an Is outfit.

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Chris Evert was playing tennis one day when the clasp on his diamond bracelet broke and the bracelet fell off. He asked match officials if the match could be postponed until he received the bracelet. From that day on, linear diamond bracelets began to be called tennis bracelets. Maybe that’s why these bracelets have become so popular.

The bracelet is different in that it is a fixed size and not adjustable like a tennis bracelet. You can customize the tennis bracelet by adding or removing links. Both the bangles can have a plain metal design or can have diamonds embedded in the design. These diamonds are set into bracelets in many ways. This setting can be notch, channel or frame. The most common is a prong setting where the smaller prongs are bent over your diamond belt. A channel setting is when small stones are usually placed in a metal channel, and a setting is when a diamond is completely surrounded by metal. The hook setting is the most common because it feels the strongest when the teeth are locked for each stone. After all, you don’t want to lose your precious diamond from your bracelet.

Be sure to choose a bracelet with the best diamonds. You will get the total size of the bracelet in carats and you can get bigger diamonds or smaller diamonds which definitely gives you more for the same carat size. Larger stones should be as good or better, as any flaws can be easily spotted. If your bracelet has smaller stones, that would be even better. The normal length of your bracelet will be 7 inches. You can choose from classic tennis bracelets to beautiful, timeless diamond treasures. A tennis bracelet is one of the items that every woman needs to add to her wardrobe. Be it the boardroom or the ballroom, the bracelet will be chosen again and again. You can’t go wrong with this gorgeous diamond tennis bracelet.

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You can find a beautiful piece at diamond jewelry and flower engagement rings places starting around $300 or pay several thousand for some chunky diamond bracelets. With hundreds of styles to choose from in these price ranges, you’re sure to find one. No matter the price range, you’re sure to love this diamond tennis bracelet and wear it often. Contact a reputable diamond jewelry manufacturer online and see what you can save by buying direct.

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