What is a recommended skincare routine for a teen girl?

As people grow older, they opt for different skin care regimes and treatments to get back the skin condition they had in their younger years.

Indeed, during the adolescent years, one’s skin is softer, flexible, and notices fewer skin problems, too. Plus, even if there is damage, the dermis layer can fix itself faster and withstand the harsh elements in a better capacity. Trying out natural remedies for acne is also a teenage girl’s bestfriend! Know more about it from CBDClinicals.

But shouldn’t skincare maintenance become a priority even in the teenage years?

In truth, it should and there are particular steps you should add to your skincare routine to do so. Professionals at any Best beauty parlour in Noida recommend certain suggestions for skincare for teenage girls. You can also avail of their services to get proper treatments for your dermis layers.

1.     Use the right kind of cleanser for your skin type

It is important to wash one’s face perfectly every day and cleansers do this task efficiently. Here, you should select the product option as per your skin type. This is necessary to make sure that your skin gets no irritations or dry condition.

Also, avoid scrubbing too harshly. Apply the product in circular motions gently at every part of the face. For oily, combination, or normal skin types, lactic acid or salicylic acid-based cleansers are better. These perfectly help improve skin hydration and reduce natural oil production level to a suitable rate.

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You should also apply Zinc and Vitamin A supplements to manage the production of sebum in the dermis layers.

2.     Exfoliate your skin every week

You need to complete exfoliation steps for your skin, at least once every week. Since hormonal changes are normal during the teenage years, clogged pores are common, too. This application reduces that; so, use clay-based exfoliators for their astringent and antiseptic benefits.

If you want to use chemical-based exfoliators, choose options with salicylic acid and AHAs.

3.     Opt for products to treat acne

Teenagers are more prone to acne due to the massive adjustments in their hormones at this time. Here, you should use masks and cleansers with sulfur content. These do not harm the skin condition.

Plus, you can switch to foams, face washes, gels, and creams with benzoyl peroxide. These have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which efficiently fight against acne breakouts.

4.     Moisturize your skin every day

One of the most important steps in a proper skincare regime for teenagers to follow is applying their moisturizer. Indeed, this is useful for improving the hydration level in the skin and making it softer and smoother.

For teenagers who have dry skin, products with rich moisturizing ingredients are suitable. However, for oily-skinned clients, a gentle oil-free moisturizer is a better choice.

5.     Wash your face with lukewarm water

You should clean your face with lukewarm water at least twice each day. This would promote the natural hydrating oil content in the skin and clear out dirt.

6.     Get rid of makeup before sleeping

You should avoid using other people’s makeup and also clean out your applicators like makeup brushes regularly. This would eliminate any bacteria from these items. Also, apply micellar water to wipe your makeup properly every day before bed. Avoid leaving it on overnight- that would save you from skin breakouts and clogged pores.

7.     Select the right products

You should always use the appropriate kind of products that are compatible with your specific skin type. This would save you from skin reactions and infections later on.

8.     Follow the same skincare routine regularly

After planning a skincare routine, you should stick to following it every day to notice the best benefits. After a time, the results are more prominent.

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Types of products for skin care in teenage years

You can use an Online Salon Booking app to book a skincare session with the top parlour experts. They would offer suggestions on the right kind of products you should include in your daily skincare routine, too.

●      Face wash

You should use a face wash daily to clear your surface of any impurities. Afterwards, you would notice a much softer skin condition. Here, you should select a face wash that best suits your skin type.

●      Cleanser

One of the primary skin care products you should invest in during your teenage years is a facial cleanser. This effectively rids the dermis layers of any harmful pollutants, dirt, and oil sediments. Plus, compared to soap bars, using a gentle cleanser daily would not alter the natural skin pH balance at all.

If you have dry skin, stick to gentle cleansers mainly. In contrast, girls with oily skin or those who get acne frequently should opt for cleansers with tea tree oil or salicylic acid content. For the best effect, use a cleanser twice daily.

●      Face scrub

Face scrubs are useful for clearing out the skin of dead skin cells and improving healthy skin cell regeneration. Use this once every week at least. It would thoroughly clear out the clogged skin pores.

●      Sunscreen

Sunscreens are a staple skincare product choice that every girl, no matter their age, should add to their skincare regime. This properly safeguards the skin condition from sun rays and reduces the ageing marks like wrinkles and fine lines.

So, experts recommend younger clients to wear SPF-20 or above sunscreens to teenagers. You should apply it daily before going out.

●      Face mask

It is important to use a face pack or mask once every week at least. If you have oily skin, choose clay-based options primarily.

●      Lip balm

Lip balms are one of the essential items for teenagers that many of them apply daily. This is useful for providing an adequate amount of moisturization in the lips. There is a wide range of lip balms to choose from and many of them have highly affordable rates.

●      Face cream

Face creams are effective in adding the right amount of nutrients necessary for facial skin. You would have a softer skin condition and notice an attractive glow in your appearance. For best benefits, applying this once at night before bed or in the morning is beneficial.

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●      Skin toner

Typically, this type of product works best after you complete the skin cleansing ritual. It effectively opens up the skin pores and keeps them clear, and reduces skin problems like blackheads and pimples. Plus, teenage girls who apply this religiously before bed each night see a noticeable skin glow.

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Overall, following a regular skincare routine with the right kinds of products is important for teenage girls as much as adults. But first, understand your own skin type and check if you have any underlying skin problems. Thereafter, make your decision about the products and services to use.


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