What’s the Big Deal With the Aunt Cass Meme?

On your social media stream, do you frequently notice the Caucasian woman with wavy brown hair and green eyes? Basically, Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6 is making people wonder why she is so popular online!

But don’t worry; we’ll explain what this meme is and how it came to be in this piece. and the true significance of this meme.

But first, before we delve into the specifics of the Aunt Cass meme, let’s try to determine where and when the term “meme” originated.

Meme is pronounced “meem” rather than “me-me.” Richard Dawkins used it for the first time in 1976. This phrase was employed by him in the book “ A self-centered gene. Furthermore, Dawkins was first made aware of this meme through the Greek word “Mimeme.” This word’s definition is “something which is imitated.”

Returning to our subject, fans on various social media platforms are enamoured with the Aunt Cass memes from the Big Hero 6 animated film.

So why not dive right into the specifics of who created this meme and how far it has spread throughout the memeverse?

Aunt Cass Meme: What is it?

It is clear from the meme’s name that Aunt Cass is the subject of it. But still, who is Aunt Cass in this situation? If Aunt Cass is a fictional character and you don’t know who she is, allow us to introduce her to you.

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A significant figure who usually appears in the Big Hero 6 Movie series is Aunt Cass. She is Big Hero 6’s primary character’s protector. Tadashi and Hiro, the main characters, are brothers.

Speaking of her character description, it states that she owns a bakery and operates a coffee shop. She also demonstrates in Big Hero 6 how she has the highest regard for the protagonists’ nephews. and she loves her nephews very much. This character’s best quality is that she always has a smile on her face.

Personalized Aunt Cass Stickers

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Overview of Big Hero 6

If you enjoy movies, you must be familiar with this one. One of the key components of Marvel Comics is a fictional superhero family called the Big Hero 6. The well-known and respected artist Man of Action is responsible for this entire production.

However, you are mistaken if you believe that the Aunt Cass Meme became more well-known as a result of this programme.

We’ll thoroughly explain why Aunt Cass Meme became so popular in the next section.

Explained Aunt Cass Meme Meaning

Because the character’s appearance was completely manipulated, Aunt Cass’ meme went viral. The large breasts, which have been incorrectly altered, make the subject appear more alluring. But in the movie, the garment completely concealed her.

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This meme is typically used to refer to something seductive or enticing. However, the true character is quite different.

The Aunt Cass meme’s genesis

Rastifa, a member on Deviant Art, first developed this meme in 2016. Due to the cleavage, this Rastifan photo caught people’s attention and generated a lot of member discussion, although it first failed to go viral.

When individuals abruptly started using this image in sexual jokes on Reddit in December 2020, the meme quickly spread across the internet. This meme began to circulate over time, and today it is virtually everywhere!

As a result, the busty Aunt Cass meme has gone viral and the actual Big Hero 6 character has now gained unwarranted celebrity.

What are people saying about this meme on the internet?

The majority of users have appreciated this meme, which is also one of the reasons it became popular, even though we are unsure of the precise remarks and reviews about it.

A Conclusion

There isn’t just one reason why the Aunt Cass meme hasn’t taken off. Users have not simply increased the number of memes based on this trend because they like it. However, the genuine persona is joyful and innocent, which makes this meme seem flimsy and unethical to others who are only now becoming familiar with this character.

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