Your Options for Emergency Power for Your Business

Each year, customers receive about 8 hours of power interruptions. Business owners must be prepared with backup generators when the power gets knocked out. You can lose customers, money, and reputation during a business power outage.

Options for emergency power for your business include a backup generator and standby generator. You can also use a battery-operated generator for a business power outage.

Here’s more on power solutions when the power goes out to your business.

Backup Generator

Backup generators, otherwise known as portable generators, give you temporary backup power for commercial electrical issues. Should the power get knocked out, these types of generators are easy to set up and can help keep things running.

The benefits of power generator systems include running refrigerators or a cash register. The types of generators are also suitable to ensure there’s power to go to your well pump to keep the water running.

You must start a backup generator manually. If the power goes out and you are not at your business, you might be out of luck. However, you can get power to appliances and necessities quickly.

Backup generators also run on gasoline. It’s essential to keep the space ventilated so no one gets sick with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Standby Generator

Commercial electrical issues sometimes call for a standby generator system. These systems are for commercial or industrial use and require a concrete ‘pad’ for installation. A standby generator system will keep your operation running smoothly.

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Standby generators are the best solution for a natural disaster or blackout. Automated systems keep running. Moreover, the air-conditioning system won’t fail.

Diesel or natural gas runs the system. As soon as you lose power, the standby generator takes over.

Hospitals, telecommunications, and state governments are some operations that use these types of business generators. Many retail operations and resorts use standby generators, especially in remote areas where it could take hours or days to restore power.

Battery Generators

Battery power backups can be a cost-effective way to power your business in an emergency. If you don’t have a large operation, batteries might be your best bet. Batteries can power some aspects of your business for at least 24 hours.

Are there things in your business that can go without power for a while? Perhaps certain pieces of equipment? Take an inventory of equipment that needs to be run when the power goes out.

Battery power as business generators can ensure medical devices can keep operating. Emergency lighting will also continue to work.

Batteries are also better for the environment. There are no greenhouse gas emissions.

Emergency Power Options for Your Business

Emergency power options for your business include backup, standby, and battery generators. All of these options are great ideas should power fail to your business. You’ll keep customers and employees happy while ensuring commerce is fully operational.

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