Are Video Games Good for You and Your Brain?

Playing video games improves one’s cognitive function and brain matter as well as provides entertainment and adventure. For instance, classic games such as Tetris through 20Bet login require a certain amount of strategy to be successful.

Some games, such as Assassin’s Creed and Breath of the Wild, provide players with an escape from the mundane and into a far-off place. 

In the past few years, the topic of video game addiction has been gaining widespread attention. In 2019, the WHO referred to it as a mental health disorder, causing researchers to debate if it should be regarded as such. With that in mind, many people are still asking whether or not playing video games is good for one’s brain.

According to Michael Manos, a behavioral health specialist, video games can affect the brain differently as well as be addictive.

Is gaming good for your brain?

According to the Academy of Pediatrics, children under two should not be allowed to use screens. They should also get at least an hour of screen time each day.

A study conducted on over 2,200 children revealed that playing video games for over 21 hours a week improves the children’s performance when they were tested on their memory and impulsive behavior. The findings also showed that gamers were more likely to have activity in certain parts of their brains that are related to memory and attention.

Although the exact causes of these changes in children’s brains are not known, other studies have also shown that playing video games can have positive effects on the brain.

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Increases brain matter

According to studies, playing video games can stimulate the brain’s ability to adapt to learning. It’s believed that the more players focus on a given task, the more they are motivated to complete it.

Playing video games aids people to focus on their more complex tasks assisting them to retain their memories and control their emotions. The brain’s gray matter, which is the outer layer, contains billions of neurons.

According to Dr. Manos, the effects of playing video games on the brain are similar to those of stimulants. They can increase the amount of gray matter and enable various brain parts to communicate with one another.

Provides stimulating activity

Unlike movies and TV shows, video games require players to focus on their task management and detail. For instance, in some games, players have to complete a long list of objectives to reach their goals. On the other hand, they have optional side goals that can be used to flesh out the story and provide additional rewards.

One of the most important factors that gamers consider when it comes to choosing a video game is the reward they receive for completing a particular task. For instance, if players complete a certain amount of functions, they can earn experience points that can be used for the advancement of their character. This is very rewarding for people who want to complete all the tasks that are in the game before they start the next one.

Dr. Manos states that playing video games frequently and in succession can trigger a barrage of emotional reinforcement. The game world provides players with a sense of accomplishment because of the actions and scenarios that they have to face.

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