A water heater is an appliance used for heating water. This heater aims to bring water to a higher temperature so it can be used for different purposes. It was invented in 1842. These appliances are mounted on the wall and connected to a copper pipe outside the building, with cold water being pumped from the ground and hot water being led back into the building’s hot-water system.

Water heaters can also be placed inside a room on counters or shelves and are mostly suited for bathrooms, kitchens, showers etc. The energy used by water heaters can be seen on the electric or gas bill. When the water heater tank is filled with cold water, energy is used to heat the cold water and turn it into hot water. But when hot water is being drawn, there is no need for a heater.

Water heaters can be made with different features like:

Gas heater

A gas heater is used to heat water instead of electricity. With gas, water heating takes place at a low temperature, which is much more efficient than an electric water heater. The Gas heaters have a hose that connects it directly to the cold water supply tap and also a hose that connects it to a wall outlet for electricity. Gas heaters work at low temperatures and do not require electricity.

Electric heater

In this type of water heater, there is no need to buy an extra electricity supply. Energy is produced using magnets to generate the current needed to heat water. Therefore, the energy used to produce energy is also consumed during its use.

Heat pump water heater

This type of water heater uses a heat pump where it transfers heat from one object to another through mechanical means.

Solar water heater

This is an electrically powered device that transfers heat from the sun to water. It is placed outside the building and is made of copper pipes and other metal devices, which are used to circulate hot water through the system.

Benefits of having a water heater

Water heaters are used to provide hot water, which is used for different domestic purposes like cooking, bathing, and washing clothes. Thus, it is essential to have a water heater if you want hot water for domestic purposes.

It is necessary to have a water heater in order to maintain the correct temperature of the indoor systems that are in use, especially in places where there are not enough means of heating, such as air conditioners and the like.

Water heaters are used to store hot water that is needed for different purposes like cooking. Instead of waiting for hours for hot water, one can use the stored water in the heater tank and have hot and available water.

They are used to heat swimming pool water. You have to maintain the temperature of the water in a swimming pool and make it suitable for swimming.

Water heaters are used in industries where there is a need to heat water for industrial purposes, such as cleaning the manufactured products before packaging them or placing stickers on them.

Water heaters are used in offices, where these heaters are fitted in the bathrooms and other rooms where hot water is needed to keep employees warm.

Water heater installation is a simple process. Water heaters are installed by matching the cold water supply pipe and the outlet connection. The piping is to be secured so that there will be no leaks that may lead to damage to the devices in your house.

It is necessary to make sure that you have done everything you are supposed to do when installing your water heater because improper installation may lead to exposure to hazardous gasses like carbon monoxide, and this may result in severe illness or even death.

When installing your water heater, remember to do everything you are supposed to do and follow the instructions that are given to you. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the use of your water heater, as some requirements may be different from the standard ones.


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