Custom Pool Ideas You’ll Love

Did you know that in the US, there are 10.4 million residential pools?

During the spring and summer seasons, families and homeowners invest considerable time outdoors. Part of this investment involves personal pools. Empower yourself to achieve personal satisfaction with your pool whenever you opt for custom designs.

If you want to have a custom pool, keep reading for several swimming pool ideas you can use.

Create an Oasis with Water Features

Inject a bit of whimsy into your backyard oasis with water features. Consider incorporating streams into your pool design that flow from one area to the next, separated by waterfall walls.

If you want something unique, customize your pool with illuminated jets that shoot out of the water like mini volcanoes.

Add Design Flair with Specialty Shapes

The curved, kidney, figure 8, and clover leaf shapes are popular among pool owners looking for a more decorative look. Consider adding a built-in spa to your custom pool for added relaxation. Further, customize your pool with grottos and rock slides to give it a unique look.

Adding a tanning ledge is also a great way to relax in the pool and keep cool. Specialty tile mosaics can also be used to complete your special custom pool design. If you opt for a do-it-yourself pool, you may want to consider Crestwood Pools for a unique swimming pool design.

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Create a Rustic Hideaway with Natural Stone

An infinity-edge pool is a wonderful option to capture the serene beauty of the environment. At the same time, an outdoor living space with wraparound porches can give plenty of freedom to appreciate nature. Fire features, such as fire bowls or fire pits, can add a rustic and inviting feel.

If you have enough space, boulders, sunken areas, and planter beds can also add a unique rustic charm that will make your pool area stand out from the rest.

Enjoy the Night with Lighting Enhancements

Whether you use an LED light to bring out the water’s sparkle or opt for lights that change color with the click of a button, you’ll be amazed at what a dramatic impact lighting can have on your pool design. For nighttime lounging, you can install lighting fixtures on the walls and floors.

For intimate gatherings, you can use floating candles on the water to create a soft, romantic ambiance. Best of all, you can add a special touch to any gathering with programmable lights that can be set to color-changing lights or strobe-style lighting.

Stock Up on Entertaining with a Poolside Kitchen

Having a poolside kitchen stocked up and ready for entertaining is a great way to make a splash with your outdoor pool area. Start by adding pool furniture, such as chaises and umbrellas, to make it comfortable. Make sure to install a countertop, like granite or quartz, to add a high-end look and to make your pool space even more luxurious.

Install a poolside kitchen with stainless appliances, like a fridge and grill, so you can enjoy any outdoor meals. For extra convenience and storage, add an outdoor bar area for your guests to use.

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Custom Pool for Your Home

Pool design has progressed since the traditional rectangular swimming pool. With custom pool ideas, you’re able to make your outdoor oasis unique and individualized. Take the plunge, and learn more to find the custom pool idea of your dreams!

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