How to Choose the Right Bathroom Vanity

Vanity of vanities; all is vanity! Unless it is the bathroom, the vanity plays a vital role in keeping the space organised and tied together. Is yours also contemporary living with a crunch? 

Bathroom vanities online are a good investment for your next remodelling project. But, with so many options in the market, selecting the right vanity may seem like a challenge. 

Keep reading to learn all about choosing the right bathroom vanity. 

The first factor to consider while investing in bathroom vanities online is functionality. Ask yourself who will use the vanity space and their requirements. 

For instance – if you’re renovating a suite for yourself and your partner, you may want to invest in double-sink vanities. However, single-bathroom vanities are the best for a single person. Moreover, go for a vanity with counter space and storage if you wish to store your makeup products or other supplies. 

  • Choose Location According to Plumbing

Considering the sink, it is natural that the bathroom’s plumbing will dictate where the vanity is installed. A typical plumbing layout will call for a floor-mounted vanity that adjusts to it. 

If you opt for a wall-mounted vanity, the plumbing hook-ups might have to be shifted. In any case, moving the plumbing is possible, though it requires time and resources. If you’re constrained by any, choose a vanity that complements the existing plumbing style. 

  • Potential Obstacles Can Tell You Size and Placement 

Though it is easy to change the furniture placement, some obstacles, such as doors and walls, need to be restructured. Then, their placement should dictate how you place your bathroom vanity. These include –

  • The Door Swing – If your bathroom door opens inwardly, it should ideally not hit the vanity. 
  • The Shower – Not all showers come with curtains; some also come with doors. If yours is one, account for that door’s swing as well. 
  • The Toilet – Another thing to be careful about is the distance between the vanity and the toilet. After all, you wouldn’t want yourself bumping into it while in a rush, right?
  • The Traffic Flow – Measure the space and the vanity before purchasing. Try walking around the space to get an idea. If visualisation becomes difficult, place a substitute box to understand the space. With a rough estimate of the vanity, you can make sense of the vanity size. 
  • Storage 

One of the top benefits of having a vanity is having more storage. However, to have a vanity with storage, you need to reassess the size and space requirements mentioned above. 

You may have to make some compromises. For instance, accommodating your design preferences may require mixing and matching, letting go of a drawer, etc. Working with an expert will help you have the vanity space of your dreams. 

  • Sink Style 

While you concentrate on the faucet and taps, remember the sink. The sink bowl will also impact the overall aesthetics and functionality of the vanity space. The options in the market today are overwhelming. 

Start by determining the counter space. This will tell you how much space will be allotted for the sink. While the sink will also take up counter space, you can reduce the impact by considering space over style. 

There are No Wrong Choices, Only Personal Preferences

Australia’s shower and bath market growth proves that people are transforming their bath space into the ultimate relaxing sanctuary. As for purchasing bathroom vanities online, keep the abovementioned factors in mind, and you will never go wrong. 

Finally, choose a reliable vanity supplier who offers good after-sales service. 

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